15 Qualities Necessary to Be Active Globally

Being able to convey in your own words the results of your daily work and deep creativity to listeners overseas requires the mastery of various skills, including foreign-language and communication skills, and establishing your identity as a Japanese. We have composed a program covering 15 qualities in three categories to cultivate students not only as artists and designers with special skills and sensibilities but also as people with general skills who are capable of playing an active role on the international stage. Our target is for every student to acquire at least 8 of these 15 qualities.

  1. Language and Communication Skills

    1. Foreign-language presentation skills
    2. Ability to compile a bilingual portfolio
    3. Ability to participate on a solo basis in an overseas exhibition or competition
    4. Language proficiency sufficient to attend an overseas art and design university at the undergraduate level
    5. Language proficiency sufficient to attend an overseas art and design university at the graduate level
    6. Second foreign language
    7. Communication skills in various situations: one-to-one, one-to-several, several-to-several, etc.
    8. Ability to explain an artwork or idea without using art and design terminology
    9. Computer literacy to transmit art and design
  2. Autonomy and initiative, eagerness to take on challenges, cooperativeness and flexibility, sense of responsibility and mission

    1. Ability to assert oneself and look at things objectively with a spirit of independence and self-respect
    2. Ability to solve problems
    3. Various abilities including a never-give-up attitude
  3. Understanding of other cultures and the establishment of an identity as a Japanese

    1. Establishment of one’s own identity
    2. Knowledge and experience to broadly transmit Japanese culture
    3. Japanese-language debating skills

Project Targets

  • 15 qualities necessary to be active globally

    Achieve at least8of the15qualities

    Achieved by210people in the university by FY 2016 (20% of graduates)

  • Foreign-language standard

    TOEFL iBT80points or higher
    (English proficiency required for undergraduate level at overseas art university)

    Achieved by55people in the university by FY 2016

  • Expansion of study abroad opportunities

    Target for number of persons sent overseas on newly established short-term intensive courses:80persons a year

    Increase the number of overseas exchange students from 7 to as many as20a year

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